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With alarms, sometimes less is more

The average hospital room contains between 15 and 20 medical devices. Each patient will generate about 135 alarms each day—or about 11 alarms per hour for a 12-hour nursing shift.

Janet Dillione named one of Medtech Women to know

Bernoulli’s CEO, Janet Dillione, one of Medtech ‘s Women to Know in 2017.

janet dillione medtech women to know in healthcare fieldJanet Dillione, CEO of Bernoulli named one of Becker’s Hospital Review’s  “Medtech Women to Know”. This is a prestigious recognition honoring select women in the healthcare field industry.  This dynamic group of 110 women executives are sharing ideas and shaping the future of healthcare IT, Medical Devices and Technology with real-life solutions to the most challenging issues facing the healthcare industry today.

According to a 2012 Forbes article, only 4% of healthcare CEOs are women yet female led companies are leading the change in healthcare field. Perhaps it is because women traditionally make more than 80% of healthcare decisions.

Janet Dillione’s professional life is dedicated to the healthcare industry.

She has been at the helm at making significant cutting edge changes that have resulted in positive impacts to healthcare in general. Her many awards include “17 Female Health IT Company CEOs to Know” , “Top 25 Women in Healthcare”, and “One of the Most Powerful Women in the Technology”. These articles reinforce Janet Dillione as a recognized inspiration to women in the industry.

Ms. Dillione’s passion for improving healthcare and her drive for excellence has been repeatedly demonstrated throughout her successful 25 year career in Health Services.

Ms. Dillione supports efforts to improve the quality and safety of healthcare delivery and technology’s role.  Proof can be seen in her drive for patient safety. She continuously puts Bernoulli front and center in its focus on the real-time connected healthcare platform that combines comprehensive and vendor agnostic medical device integration with powerful middleware, clinical surveillance, telemedicine/virtual ICU, advanced alarm management, predictive analytics and robust distribution capabilities.

Their Bernoulli One platform empowers clinicians with the tools like medical device integration, alarm management, virtual ICU, clinical surveillance, and analytics as a total solution that improves the patient experience and patient safety.

You find out more about the Bernoulli One platform go to Bernoulli One platform page

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HSC case study - acheiving clinical clarity form ventilator overload

Alarm Management Software Boosts Nurse Response Time

HealthData Management article: How alarm management software boosts nurse response time

HealthData Management’s Joseph Goedert talked with The Hospital for Special Care’s respiratory practice manager, Connie Dills, on the benefits of alarm management software.

In the article Ms. Dills’ states that with the installation of Bernoulli One™ software The Hospital for Special Care’s  “response time is excellent,… When an actionable alarm goes off, the response time is within 10 to 20 seconds.”

“…Alerts are displayed at workstations, on laptops and pagers, on an LED board and via an audible overhead speaker. With the new software, the hospital has seen an 80 percent reduction in the number of alarms for which an immediate response is needed…”

To read the HealthData Management article,  “How alarm management software boosts nurse response time”, click here.

To read The Hospital for Special Care’s case study on Achieving Clinical Clarity from Ventilator Overload click here.

Inside the HSC case study the results show that:

  • Bernoulli One at HSC enabled real-time
    surveillance of more than 100 ventilated patients.
  • Using Bernoulli’s alarm management capabilities, HSC has reduced the number of ventilator alarms by an estimated 80%.
  • HSC is able to leverage the system to produce detailed reports after any alarm incident, as well as support research and benchmarking studies going forward.
  • Bernoulli allows HSC staff to automate manual processes, reducing the risk of transcription errors and giving clinicians more time for direct patient care.
  • HSC has achieved full compliance with the Joint
    Commission NPSG on alarm management, using the Bernoulli platform.

For more information on how Bernoulli can help your medical facility deliver better patient care click here or call(800) 337-9936.


at Risk of Respiratory Depression, rdss

Bernoulli chosen for Real-Time Surveillance for Patients at Risk of Respiratory Depression

It has been well-documented that patient populations managing chronic illnesses or co-morbidities, such as sleep apnea and obesity, are particularly vulnerable to respiratory depression. Current practices for monitoring patients receiving opioids are still not adequate or comprehensive. For example, reliance on periodic physical spot checks by direct-care clinical staff can leave patients largely unmonitored up to 96% of the time.

An award-winning not-for-profit community hospital chose Bernoulli One™ to enable real-time surveillance of post-operative patients who were at risk for respiratory depression. Following the success of that initial implementation, the hospital has subsequently expanded usage to all at-risk patients being monitored by pulse oximetry and capnography, while leveraging the Bernoulli platform for alarm management, reducing the estimated number of alarms by 78%.

According to the health system’s director of respiratory care services, “Bernoulli became just a part of our day-to-day operations. We’re able to safely monitor patients across the entire facility without the constant distraction and fatigue of responding to false alarms. Our nurses and respiratory therapists know it’s there and know it’s working.”

To read or download this case study please click this link: casestudy-patients-at-risk-of-respiratory-depression

customer rated KLAS review

Bernoulli One™ Recognized by KLAS for Alarm Reduction & Management

bernoulli Recognized by KLAS as One of the Best Platforms for Clinical Alarm Reduction and Management

Bernoulli One™ Recognized by KLAS as One of the Best Platforms for Alarm Reduction and Management

Bernoulli middleware platform well positioned in 2016 to combat notification fatigue in hospitals and health systems

Milford, CT—December 12, 2016—A new report by KLAS — Alarm Management 2016: Which Vendors Are Best Positioned to Help Reduce Notification Fatigue?—rated Bernoulli, the leader in real-time connected healthcare, as one of the top vendor options for clinical alarm management and alarm reduction.

As a result of KLAS’s evaluations with Bernoulli customers, the healthcare industry analyst firm gave Bernoulli an 86.7 overall middleware satisfaction rating for Bernoulli One™, the market’s only real-time, end-to-end, connected healthcare platform that combines comprehensive and vendor-agnostic medical device integration with powerful middleware, clinical surveillance, telemedicine/virtual ICU, advanced alarm management, predictive analytics and robust distribution capabilities into a single solution.

Alarm Management 2016 noted that customers were satisfied with Bernoulli’s responsive support and alarm customizations; that the company’s complimentary webinars were found to be valuable; and that Bernoulli’s reporting helped providers perform status checks and details on alarm time stamps, system performance and clinical intervention notifications.

Customer Feedback Indicates Improved Outcomes

Feedback collected by KLAS from Bernoulli customers offers powerful evidence that the company’s solutions empowers clinicians to drive better outcomes, improve the patient experience, and enhance provider workflow.

Representative quotes within the report include:

Alarm Configuration. “Bernoulli has provided the greatest guidance in terms of reducing notification fatigue. Not only does their system configure to critical alarms so that we don’t have many nuisance alarms, but also Bernoulli has given us a lot of information about how we can program our equipment to ensure that we don’t have frequent nuisance alarms. That makes a big difference.”

Best Practices & Education. “Bernoulli has been very good at sharing best practices with us. Bernoulli has webinars that I send… my techs to. Bernoulli is providing education, and that is always appreciated. Bernoulli is flexible, accessible, and timely. They are very supportive. Bernoulli is always accessible for support. The product is user friendly and is a great safety adjunct, depending on the facility layout.”

Alarm Reduction & Management. Bernoulli told us how their middleware could be programmed and what we would need in order to reduce the number of nuisance alarms. About one-fourth of our alarms were nonactionable, and when we shared that with Bernoulli, they coached us in how to be more selective so that we could ensure that the nuisance alarms would go away. Their suggestions certainly worked.”

“It’s always an honor to be recognized and validated by the customers we work with,” said Janet Dillione, CEO of Bernoulli. “Bernoulli prides itself on being more of a partner than a vendor. And that beyond delivering a solution, we are offering our customers—and the broader healthcare industry—objective thought leadership and best practices in order to enhance patient safety and streamline the workflows of clinical staff.”

Bernoulli Thought Leadership

Bernoulli is a sponsoring partner of the AAMI Foundation’s Coalition for Alarm Management Safety and Coalition to Promote Continuous Monitoring for Patients on Opioids. It also provides complimentary, CE-accredited webinars on alarm management, medical device integration and the use of continuous monitoring of patients receiving opioids. Bernoulli also has a robust online Knowledge Center of white papers and case studies detailing emerging trends in alarm management and medical device integration, as well as real-world customer success stories using the Bernoulli One platform.


About Bernoulli

Based in Milford, CT, Bernoulli is a leader in real-time connected healthcare, with more than 1,200 installed, operational systems. Bernoulli One™, the company’s flagship platform, is the market’s only real-time, end-to-end, connected healthcare platform that combines comprehensive and vendor-agnostic medical device integration with powerful middleware, clinical surveillance, telemedicine/virtual ICU, advanced alarm management, predictive analytics and robust distribution capabilities into ONE solution. Bernoulli One™ empowers clinicians with tools to drive better outcomes, improve the patient experience, and enhance provider workflow. For more information about Bernoulli One™ or to view our case studies, visit


About KLAS

KLAS is a research and insights firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by amplifying the provider’s voice. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data and insights on software, services, and medical equipment to deliver timely reports, trends and statistical overviews. The research directly represents the provider voice and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance. Follow KLAS on Twitter at