Reducing Clinical Variation

Reducing Clinical Variation & Automating Clinical Protocols

In many clinical situations such as ventilator weaning or pain medication administration, following evidenced-based best practices helps to reduce clinical variation and improve outcomes. The Bernoulli system helps to achieve these results through clinical and alarm surveillance with the additional functionality of Bernoulli smart alarms. Here’s how.

Consider this example.

A physician writes an order to initiate ventilator weaning for an adult patient. The care team including the Respiratory Therapist (RT) is familiar with the hospital’s vent weaning protocols so all should go as ordered. Step 1 is successful. The RT then starts step 2 but leaves the patient’s bedside and does not return within the allotted timeline causing a delay in step 3. When the RT attempts step 3 it is unsuccessful and the process must start all over. Among other things, this impacts time on the ventilator, patient safety, and length of stay. Using the Bernoulli alarm surveillance solution, the care team members receive a protocol-driven notification to ensure clinical protocol adherence.

More than alarm surveillance, using real time data, Bernoulli continuously detects deteriorating patient conditions. Continuing with this example, if during steps 1, 2, or 3 the patient’s condition worsens, Bernoulli will send a smart alarm to the appropriate clinician. The most common Bernoulli smart alarms include trending, combination, consecutive, and sustained over a defined duration. In addition, Bernoulli can send smart ranked alarms as well as setting change alarms. These smart alarms help to identify early signs of patient deterioration and protect the patient.

Automating Clinical Protocols

For hospitals seeking to develop their own clinical protocols, Bernoulli has a team of clinical experts that can help. Our team provides the client with consultative services paired with evidence-based literature to use as starting points for building hospital-specific smart alarms.

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