Bernoulli Health to Exhibit at AARC Congress, ventilated patients

Bernoulli Health to Exhibit at AARC Congress

Bernoulli to demonstrate clinical surveillance applications for mechanically ventilated patients and respiratory depression detection to support improved patient safety and outcomes

Milford, CT—November 27, 2018—Bernoulli, a leader in real-time connected healthcare, will be exhibiting at booth 240 during the 2018 American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) Congress, Dec. 4-7, in Las Vegas.

Bernoulli will be demonstrating the market-leading ventilated patient and respiratory depression surveillance applications inherent in Bernoulli One™. The solution combines comprehensive and vendor-agnostic medical device integration with a powerful data aggregator, clinical surveillance, advanced alarm management, predictive analytics and robust distribution capabilities into a single platform.

Bernoulli One’s ability to connect to mechanical ventilators, as well as other respiratory devices, and deliver real-time insights through clinical surveillance to centralized dashboards and mobile devices helps respiratory therapists:

  • Improve patient safety and reduce alarm fatigue by aiding in the early detection of risks and deterioration using real-time analytics
  • Support greater therapist efficiency with aggregated, contextual patient data available remotely, including flowsheets, automated ventilator checks and data integration into the electronic health record (EHR)
  • Reduce patient length-of-stay by early identification of opportunities to accelerate weaning from the ventilator, even when away from the bedside

“Patients requiring ventilator support and those at risk of respiratory compromise are found throughout the hospital, not just in the ICU.  This creates a significant challenge for respiratory therapists caring for multiple patients in different locations or units” said Janet Dillione, CEO of Bernoulli Health. “Common monitoring practices are wholly inadequate to ensure the safety of these patients. Bernoulli is proud of our proven history helping respiratory therapist provide the best possible outcomes and patient safety across the continuum of care.”

At the AARC Congress there will also be a dedicated Patient Safety session on Tuesday, Dec. 4, entitled “Managing Ventilator Alarms: Establishing the Foundation” which will include the following:

  • Alarm Fatigue: Implications for Patient Safety. Marc Schelssinger, MBA, RRT, FACHE, Senior Associate of the ECRI Institute, will deliver a presentation on how respiratory therapists can objectively assess alarms for mechanical ventilation
  • Utilizing Middleware to Improve Patient Safety. Connie Dills, MBA, RRT, RPFT, will demonstrate, through statistical data, how the utilization of middleware in managing ventilator alarms can reduce alarm fatigue and enhance patient safety
  • Using Ventilator Benchmark Data to Improve Patient Safety. Rich Zink, MBA, will leverage the Regenstrief National Center for Medical Device Informatics’ database to demonstrate the value of shared data in patient safety and quality improvement metrics

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Stop by Bernoulli Health booth 240 to see all the ways we can help your respiratory department achieve its goals for better patient care. Please contact us today to schedule a meeting.

Additionally, Bernoulli Health has a robust online Knowledge Center of white papers, case studies, blog posts and an eBook detailing emerging trends in alarm management and medical device integration, as well as real-world customer success stories using the Bernoulli One platform.

About Bernoulli Health

The mission of Bernoulli® Health is to improve patient safety in real time. Since 1989, Bernoulli has developed solutions including the all-inclusive Bernoulli One™ platform. A single solution for continuous patient health monitoring and clinical surveillance, medical device integration, and real-time data analytics, there are no other solutions as advanced as Bernoulli One. The Bernoulli software helps save patient lives as it continuously detects deteriorating patient conditions and notifies clinicians of potential events. This results in improved patient observation and provider workflows. Bernoulli has achieved FDA Class II clearance for use in both patient monitoring and secondary alarm management. Bernoulli headquarters are in Milford, CT. For more information visit, email, or call 800-337-9936.

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