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Alarm Surveillance & Clinical Communications

It’s no secret in hospitals that mismanaged clinical alarms can create less than ideal conditions for patient recovery and staff efficiency. The Joint Commission views this as a multifaceted problem related to alarm noise, alarm numbers, and alarm limits. Bernoulli helps to improve alarm safety in hospitals.

Collecting Baseline Alarm Data

For many years Bernoulli has been a recognized leader in medical device integration. We get the data. It’s what we do. If your hospital simply needs help evaluating current alarm conditions, turn to Bernoulli. Further, it’s these deep roots in data interoperability that also make Bernoulli a leader in clinical alarm safety.

Reducing Alarm Fatigue & Improving Patient Safety

Bernoulli monitors patients by receiving live data directly from bedside biomedical devices. Those include capnography monitors, pulse oximetry sensors, blood pressure monitors, cardiac monitors, and other clinical monitoring systems. In real-time the system evaluates the input, analyzes the data that comes from the EHR system, applies multi-variate rules (pre-defined by hospital protocols) to determine whether events are actionable, and if so sends information to the right people. Not to be confused with traditional alarm management software, Bernoulli has the unique ability to create new alarms from the raw data (i.e., Bernoulli smart alarms) versus simply passing along alarm information. Typically, alarm management solution sends alarm notifications when a patient vitals go above or below the normal limits set on the device. In contrast, Bernoulli alerts caregivers on trends – either based on a single patient vital or multiple patient vitals. Using this level of advanced clinical surveillance, caregivers can reevaluate the device settings, reduce nuisance alarms, and quiet their surroundings.

Clinical Communication

Bernoulli One captures data directly from medical devices, evaluates the input with native analytics, and provides clinicians with real-time actionable insights at the point of care. The system can send alarm notifications to a central display or by way of a separate clinical communication software. Bernoulli one has partnerships with many of the industry’s leading clinical communication vendors.

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