Why continuous monitoring will challenge CIOs and their IT systems

CEO Janet Dillione published in Health Data Management

hdmThe successful implementation of scalable, real-time patient safety initiatives have long been a goal of hospitals and health system CIOs, which is why understanding the value proposition of alarm and notification platforms is essential familiarity of health system CIOs, writes Bernoulli CEO Janet Dillione in Health Data Management.

“The ability to track patients throughout the hospital, continuously add new devices, and distribute real-time patient monitoring to centralized dashboards and mobile devices should be a major consideration for CIOs tasked with implementing real-time healthcare solutions,” Dillione writes.

Health system CIOs should evaluate medical device integration middleware capabilities, precision alarms, and real-time analytics driven by a rules-based engine.

Dillione concludes that health systems that can establish continuous electronic monitoring are creating a foundation real-time healthcare innovations, including clinical surveillance modules, medical device integration in an EHR and virtual ICUs.

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