Improve ICU coverage

The Leapfrog Group recommends hospitals provide 24/7 coverage by intensivist physicians in their ICUs for maximum patient safety. In fact, it estimates 54,000 ICU deaths each year could be avoided by following this best practice. But with more than 7,000 ICUs in the U.S. and only roughly 7,000 practicing intensivists, the numbers simply don’t add up. In fact, by 2020 the Journal of the American Medical Association projects the supply of intensivists will only meet 22% of the demand.

Bernoulli One’s Insight Virtual ICU offers an innovative solution to the intensivist shortage. Rather than tying intensivists to a single location, it combines Bernoulli One’s real-time clinical surveillance capabilities with telemedicine technology to allow one intensivist to monitor multiple patients across multiple, geographically dispersed ICUs using data gathered by on-site medical devices. Bernoulli One’s Insight Virtual ICU not only provides coverage when no intensivist is on-site; it also provides a level of redundancy to help reduce the risk of adverse events among a hospital’s most vulnerable patients.

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Bernoulli One’s Insight Virtual ICU at Indiana – University

This video provides an example of Bernoulli One’s Insight Virtual ICU in action. Bernoulli One™ has been instrumental in enabling Indiana Health to extend intensivist-level care into outlying communities with their ePartners service.