Frequently Asked Questions

Bernoulli One™ offers healthcare organizations a complete, real- time clinical integration platform that collects critical data from multiple devices, processes it for EHR integration and analytics, and distributes this timely data for clinical surveillance and remote alarm management.

What is Bernoulli One™?

Bernoulli One is a vendor-neutral application platform for hospitals and healthcare systems that allows multiple devices from disparate manufacturers to be connected and monitored simultaneously through one interface. Bernoulli One’s software modules, which were first introduced in October 2002, have gained rapid acceptance due to its open architecture enabling virtually any device to be connected to its infrastructure. Bernoulli One has developed an extensive device interface library, enabling true plug-and-play connectivity with virtually any existing device in the hospital. In addition, new devices are constantly added to the interface library as they become readily available.

Bernoulli One is our integrated, clinical middleware platform. We are dedicated to enhancing our services by examining the device types an organization intends to monitor and by designing a solution that is all inclusive i.e. from capturing real-time clinical data and delivering that data to existing systems through HL7 connectivity in a way that fits your business needs.

Who Uses Bernoulli One™?

Bernoulli One is used by leading healthcare institutions such as Duke University Medical Center and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. (Click here to see a wider range of customers.) Respiratory therapists use Bernoulli One for ventilation management, while trauma centers and ICU units use Bernoulli One for pain management (Oximetry, EtCO2 and vital signs monitoring). Hospital IT staff will quickly understand the benefits of Bernoulli One’s HL7 data exchange, affording physicians access to our Insight Clinical Dashboard to monitor waveform and MDI data to analyze patient trends in real time, either at the central workstation or remotely via mobile devices.

What devices does Bernoulli One™ support?

Bernoulli One has developed an extensive medical device interface library, supporting most of the mainstream medical devices and gateway systems being used today. We are dedicated to being technology-neutral, allowing Bernoulli One’s platform or modules to connect to any device from any manufacturer within a department or throughout an entire healthcare enterprise. Feel free to contact customer support for an updated device driver list. Should we not connect to a device currently within your hospital, just let us know and we will work directly with your IT team to support its connectivity.

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