A single middleware platform that helps you gain greater value from all your medical devices.


Advances in medical device technology have succeeded in generating more real-time patient data than clinicians could have wished for just a few years ago. Yet the reality is this data is largely delivered piecemeal across multiple, incompatible systems, making it difficult to use disparate data effectively in a busy hospital environment. Other data systems offer some consolidation, but their passive nature is primarily suited to enabling automated documentation to an electronic health records (EHR) system, or storing and displaying data when called upon by clinicians at the bedside. As a result, the true potential of these medical device investments is often vastly under-realized even at the most tech-savvy hospitals.

One platform for all your devices

In keeping with our vendor-neutral approach, Bernoulli One™­ maintains an extensive device library that includes detailed data schemes, functional assessment and clinical support for a broad range of medical devices from every major manufacturer. Detailed device interface specifications and documentation (clinical as well as data-related) are continuously added to support new versions, models and manufacturers. Device interface support applies to all Bernoulli One™ products, including clinical surveillance, medical data integration for EHRs and analytics, giving hospitals and healthcare delivery systems the ability to leverage their investment in the Bernoulli One™ platform more fully.

The end of manual data entry

In theory, medical devices are supposed to enhance the clinical process. But having to enter data from those devices into the EHR manually has the opposite effect, taking clinicians away from the patient to perform what amounts to clerical work. If busy clinicians must wait until the end of a shift to enter documentation into the EHR, it can be hours before the data is available in the system for others to view. Manual entry also introduces the potential for human error.

Bernoulli One ™solves these issues by collecting data directly from virtually any medical device. The platform already supports an extensive list of medical devices, and new devices are being added every day. Bernoulli One™ uses a standard HL7 interface and the existing network infrastructure to capture, clarify and collaborate/share the distributed data into a variety of IT vendor interfaces and EHR systems. Bernoulli One’s Admit/Discharge/Transfer (ADT) module allows hospitals to send ADT messages directly to the Bernoulli One™ platform, making assignments of patients to devices much easier and more accurate. The result is complete, accurate real time data as it is captured, enabling clinicians to work more efficiently and effectively to deliver superior patient care.

To ensure optimal performance, Bernoulli One’s web-based, real-time dashboard monitors HL7 traffic, and offers a convenient way to review and troubleshoot a broad range of HL7 messages and device data.

Automate data collection from mobile monitors

Bernoulli One™ extends our medical device integration to mobile vital signs monitors that are used for periodic spot checks. When vital signs monitoring is complete, the data is automatically sent to the EHR, reducing the chance of transcription errors while making the data more immediately available to other clinicians.

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