Medical Device Integration (MDI) – Redefined

Comprehensive high-fidelity, low-latency data for the EHR, real-time clinical applications and more in one system

To make the most of your EMR solution, you want a medical device integration partner that has experience successfully implementing cost-effective, easy to use, scalable and flexible connectivity across hospitals and health systems for a wide variety and large number of medical devices. Bernoulli has successfully done this for many providers with a wide range of EHR systems, but we don’t stop there.

Bernoulli is the only MDI vendor that provides comprehensive high-fidelity, low-latency data collection combined with FDA class II clearance. This enables Bernoulli MDI to be a platform to support additional applications such as clinical surveillance, alarm management and real-time analytics to help improve patient safety.

To learn more about the importance of FDA class II clearance for MDI, read this article by acknowledged MDI/connectivity expert and Bernoulli Chief Analytics Officer, John  Zaleski, PhD, CAP, CPHIMS.

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The value of MDI beyond the electronic record

The need for MDI to support complete patient records as part of an EHR solution is well identified, with organizations such as the West Health Institute detailing the financial impact of MDI adoption for the U.S. healthcare market in excess of $30 billion dollars1.

In addition, there is also now evidence that MDI can have a direct impact on patient safety, quality of care and patient satisfaction. In a Harris Poll survey of nurses, more than 90% indicated that they would have more time for direct patient if they could spend less time interacting with and documenting medical devices, and half indicated that they have witnessed a medical error due to the lack of device coordination2.

  1. The value of medical device interoperability; West Health Institute, March 2013
  2. Missed Connections: A Nurses Survey on Interoperability and Improved Patient Care; Harris Poll and West Health Institute, March 2015


Bernoulli Medical Device Integration Key Attributes and Capabilities

Complete device data capture in real-time

The data we capture from medical devices including all measured values, settings, waveforms and alarms that are communicated by the medical device at the highest fidelity. Bernoulli MDI is designed from the inside out to support unified data capture, communication, flow and management in an integrated fashion for a wide range of applications.

Flexible distribution to multiple systems, multiple formats

Based on a modular architecture, device data captured by Bernoulli MDI can integrate with all hospital information systems that require data, including the EHR, clinical data warehouse/repository, alarm management/clinical communications & collaboration system, telemedicine/Virtual ICU, research applications and more, making it the ultimate platform for interoperability. As new standards (data formats, communication protocols, etc.) are adopted, Bernoulli can incorporate them and update existing installations to facilitate compliance.

Unmatched Scalability

Hospitals and Health Systems need a robust system to meet their medical device integration (MDI) requirements today that can also expand to include more devices, additional departments and remote locations. Bernoulli MDI connects all devices, regardless of location. As your needs expand, Bernoulli can expand with you, but without requiring any greater commit of your IT staff or resources.

Native Security

Healthcare providers are prime targets for cyber-attacks, and system security is a must. Bernoulli MDI includes embedded RSA security functionality that supports the latest IT standards with the highest level of encryption and user-set authentication rules, consistent with HIPAA privacy requirements.

One platform for all your devices – now and in the future

Bernoulli maintains an extensive device library that includes detailed data schemes, functional assessment and clinical support for a broad range of medical devices from every major manufacturer. Detailed device interface specifications and documentation (clinical as well as data-related) are continuously added to support new versions, models and manufacturers. Our system architecture allows us to add connectivity to new devices as needed, with development times measured in weeks, not months.

Comprehensive implementation services and project coordination

Whether part of a comprehensive EHR implementation and go-live, or as an independent connectivity project, hospitals and health systems need an MDI partner that be operational with minimal disruption to operations and high reliability for years to come. From the time of contracting, our team works with the provider’s staff to set milestones and timelines using our proven 5 phase project plan. Bernoulli recognizes that the heart of an MDI project is multidisciplinary systems integration.

“It has been amazing. The interfaces were installed and running flawlessly in 48 hours. Our nurses can now focus on our highest acuity patients while easily monitoring and importing the vital signs of less emergent patients directly into the EMR. This technology has really gotten our creative juices going, but it’s when you see the tremendous benefit to your staff and patients that you are truly excited.”

– Medical Center Vice President of Operations

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