Managing Ventilator Alarms and Data


Alarm management is constantly  evolving to meet the the needs of the hospital patients and clinical staff alike.

Using Bernoulli One™, the Hospital for Special Care (HSC) has empowered their clinical staff with real-time surveillance capabilities for more than 100 patients on ventilation support and has reduced the total number of ventilator alarms by an estimated 80%, helping achieve compliance with both Phase I and II of the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal on clinical alarm management, as well as the four associated Elements of Performance (EPs).

Jeanne and Connie’s byline on ventilator alarm reduction, based on our HSC case study, was just published in Advance Healthcare Network for Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine.

Learn more of how HSC reduced non-actionable ventilator alarms on 100+ ventilators by 80 percent!


See the Managing Ventilator Alarms and Data: Hospital reduces non-actionable alarms while collecting actionable patient data from more than 100 ventilators.”

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