Jeanne Venella talks about alarm fatigue on RN FM radio

203 Episode of RN FM Radio,

The Alarming Truth at the Bedside of Nursing with Jeanne Venella, DNP, Chief Nursing Officer of Milford, CT-based Bernoulli,

is an informative, funny, personable,and extensive discussion of the issue of alarm fatigue, the risk for patients, the process and governance needed to address it and the capabilities of Bernoulli One to not just manage alarms but actually reduce them.  The best part of the interview is probably when one of the nurse hosts mentioned that by 2020, hopefully all nurses/hospitals will have Bernoulli in place to ease their alarm woes

Bernoulli's Jeanne Venella talks about how to manage alarms on RN FM radioThe 55-minute RN FM Radio broadcast on alarm fatigue can be heard here: – this page also features a full-length article, as well as links to resources on the Bernoulli website and social media.