Bernoulli has earned Frost & Sullivan 2016 Product Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan Applauds Bernoulli for Its Market-Leading Clinical Platform Enabling Secure, End-To-End Medical Device Connectivity

Bernoulli One™ offers unparalleled medical device integration for clinical surveillance, virtual ICU, alarm management, predictive analytics, and robust distribution capabilities

Bernoulli has earned Frost & Sullivan 2016 Product Leadership Award.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Bernoulli with the 2016 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership. The Bernoulli One platform for secure, end-to-end medical device connectivity, which facilitates efficient handling of patient-generated data from disparate sources, is proving to be disruptive in the market. Having correctly identified the key complexities experienced by clinicians, Bernoulli’s unique clinical platform and product portfolio focus on addressing the future needs of the medical device connectivity, clinical surveillance, and real-time patient care analytics segments.

“A comprehensive single clinical connectivity platform with multiple real-time applications for hospitals and health systems ensures tremendous flexibility among Bernoulli’s users,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Dinesh Kumar. “Healthcare providers that have deployed Bernoulli’s enterprise connectivity solutions find them simple to use in both high- and low-acuity settings, as they offer a large set of validated device driver libraries for existing devices, and integrate seamlessly with hospital information technology [IT] systems. This makes them much more versatile than the traditional solutions available in the market.”

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