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Cleveland’s News 5 – Dead in Bed – report on opioids

On November 18th Cleveland’s News 5 aired Dead in Bed: A deadly hospital secret. Dead in Bed is the result of a 5 month investigation that interviewed some of the nation’s most respected medical experts on why healthy patients are dying within hours of surgery. Although the investigative report, stated it believed that new pain […]

Virtua: Implementing Capnography in Low Acuity Settings

AAMI Foundation  Safety Innovations Virtua: Implementing Capnography in Low Acuity Settings In 2013, the Virtua (1,009 beds across three hospitals) prioritized narcotic safety. The hospital system responded by implementing non-invasive capnography monitoring and continuous pulse oximetry monitoring on medical-surgical units. Capnography is used to measure exhaled end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) and inhaled carbon dioxide (FiCO2) […]

“Smarter Alarm Management Fights Alarm Fatigue” by Bernoulli CNO Jeanne Venella published in Medscape.

Bernoulli CNO Jeanne Venella published article “Smarter alarm management Fights Alarm fatuue” in Medscape Bernoulli Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Jeanne Venella’s discusses how providers can address the second highest-ranked patient safety risk identified in ECRI’s Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2016 and achieve compliance with the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals on clinical […]