We help you get more from your medical devices
and actionable, real-time patient data

On its own, each medical device in a patient’s room provides a valuable piece of information. In the aggregate, however, all of this information can be overwhelming to clinicians – especially as devices continue to proliferate.

Bernoulli One™ simplifies the complexity by offering a single integrated platform with the ability to support current and future investments in real-time medical device technology. We have been doing so since the introduction of our Bernoulli One™ medical device integration (MDI) platform and services in 1999, formerly known as Cardiopulmonary Corporation.

We have established Bernoulli One™ as a leader in real-time data integration and enterprise patient safety surveillance by offering a wide range of software and hardware products. These plug and play products deliver real-time data solutions for use in clinical infrastructure as well as acute and sub-acute telemedicine – including high-acuity virtual ICUs.

At Bernoulli, we are solely dedicated to helping you get the greatest value from your real-time patient data in order to reduce cost, improve patient care and outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction from their hospital experience.

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In aerodynamics, Bernoulli’s Principle is used to create “lift” in an aircraft. The faster the air flows over the top of a wing, the greater the pressure differential between the top and the bottom and the more lift is created.

In the same way, Bernoulli software and hardware accelerates the flow of real-time data from medical devices to clinicians in order to elevate their ability to manage and prioritize patient needs, make better decisions and drive better outcomes. It also helps reduce the pressure on clinicians that results from too many device alarms creating confusion and alarm fatigue. As a result, Bernoulli enables higher levels of care that help hospital performance – and patient satisfaction levels – soar.

Commitment to Quality

Bernoulli’s mission is to manufacture products and provide services that reflect the highest quality and reliability through a commitment to trust, integrity, respect and the pursuit of customer excellence. Our quality management system uses industry-recognized best practices to ensure customer satisfaction and compliance with applicable regulatory agency requirements, and is focused on preventing rather than reacting to quality defects.

Since 1989 we have been dedicated to developing and marketing products that meet or exceed customer expectations. We are continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system while conforming to the requirements of ISO 13485, the EC Directive 93/42/EEC, CMDCAS and MDD Annex II. We emphasize the contribution that employees make to quality and excellence and work with them to provide the necessary information, training and support to enable them to achieve the required levels of proficiency. It is every employee’s responsibility to ensure the integrity of our quality system.

Industry Standards

Bernoulli participates and adheres to national and international standards regulated by the FDA, AAMI, HL7 standards group and ISO. We also participate in clinical groups that are leading innovation in medical-based technologies such as Society for Technology & Anesthesia, Society of Critical Care Medicine, National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), the Institute for Healthcare Improvements (IHI) National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care, CHIME and HIMSS.

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FDA Clearances

Bernoulli has gone through a rigorous and comprehensive product innovation process with the Bernoulli One software platform that meets FDA regulatory approvals and compliance requirements for a Class II device. Learn more about our FDA 510(k) Class II Clearance>>

According to the FDA, an MDDS is precluded from use in active patient monitoring. Vendors whose solutions are intended for use in active patient monitoring are required to maintain FDA Class II status. Learn more about the MDDS Ruling>>

Ensuring Compliance

All Bernoulli employees are trained on Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements and all service personnel are certified with Vendor Credential Services (VCS). All our quality procedures are maintained by a dedicated quality control department. If you have questions, please contact our service and support group.