Bernoulli Research and Benchmarking

Bernoulli Research and Benchmarking

Bernoulli Research

Every hospital regardless of its size has initiatives to improve quality of care for their patients. Unfortunately, many institutions are challenged by modest data collection processes that make it difficult to move forward. With the Bernoulli One platform, accessing the data is simple. Bernoulli collects and stores data from nearly any source inclusive of networked and non-networked devices. Researchers can access the data at any time from both the source system or the Bernoulli database. Because our system does the hard part in collecting the data, your leaders can spend more time establishing new ways to improve outcomes.

Bernoulli Benchmarking

Benchmarking can be an effective means for driving new quality improvement processes. Using the Bernoulli benchmarking module that acquires data from nearly every accessible data source, hospitals can perform comparative analysis’ that lead to positive changes. A cloud-based solution, the system enables patient-specific, departmental, or hospital-level assessments. It also de-identifies patient health information to ensure patient privacy.

Customer Story:

Alarm Incident Reports Improve Quality of Care

hospital of special careUsing Bernoulli One™, the Hospital for Special Care (HSC) in New Britain and Hartford, Connecticut has empowered their clinicians with real-time clinical surveillance capabilities for more than 100 patients on ventilation support. With Bernoulli, HSC has also reduced the total number of ventilator alarms by an estimated 80%.

Additionally, HSC is leveraging the Bernoulli One platform to produce detailed incident reports after alarm occurrences.

Prior to implementing the Bernoulli One platform, HSC was dependent on individual recollections from the clinical responders after an alarm incident. Today, using detailed reports provided by Bernoulli, HSC has a clear picture of every event.

According to HSC’s Respiratory Practice Manager, “A lot of times, we didn’t have objective data to assess what happened with a patient. Now we can use the data provided by Bernoulli to sort out the story, increasing accuracy on occurrence reporting and resolution.”

For HSC and all hospitals, the Bernoulli reporting module can help to improve quality of care for patients and achieve compliance with The Joint Commission as it relates to alarm safety.

HSC also plans to use Bernoulli One to support future research and benchmarking studies.

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