Improving Patient Safety In Real Time

Early Detection Saves Lives

Early detection of critical events saves lives. Designed on this truth, Bernoulli One is the most advanced real-time clinical surveillance solution for hospitals. A total healthcare system solution, Bernoulli One continuously detects deteriorating patient conditions and helps to reduce the risk of life-threatening events. Better patient outcomes improve HCAHPS, shorten hospital stays, and reduce costs.

Bernoulli® Health is a known leader in medical device integration. A key feature of the Bernoulli One system is the ability to processes real-time data including that from the EHR, physiologic monitors, and ventilators. With nearly thirty years’ experience, Bernoulli has deep roots in ventilator integration and clinical surveillance. Real-time data and smart alarms serve as a friendly tap on the shoulder and urge proactive care. Trusted by staff, the prompts help to alleviate alarm fatigue.

Bernoulli has achieved FDA Class II clearance for use in both patient monitoring and secondary alarm management.

What Our Customers Say

Soon after installation, Bernoulli became just a part of our day-to-day operations. We’re able to safely monitor patients across the entire facility without the constant distraction and fatigue of responding to false alarms. Our nurses and respiratory therapists know it’s there and know it’s working.

It’s really a testament to where we are with Bernoulli. What we are seeing is that if a patient starts to degrade from a pulmonary standpoint, our clinical staff is able to respond and intervene much faster than before.” (Re: better clinical decision support)

-Director of Respiratory Care, 500+ bed, community health system, southeast United States

Bernoulli drastically improves an RT’s efficiency as a patient care coordinator and improves their responsiveness to specific patient-related issues.

Respiratory Practice Manager, Hospital for Specialty Care (CT)

We see medical device integration as a critical feature in our clinical information systems to automate clinician workflow and provide accurate, real-time device data for clinical decisions. Bernoulli’s solution is flexible enough to support different clinical workflows and devices in various care areas. It’s also easy to scale up to accommodate future growth and demand.

System Integration Architect, Virtua (NJ)

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