Bernoulli Medical Device Integration

w-3 key pillars diagramBernoulli is a known leader in medical device integration (MDI) to EHR systems. With access to extensive patient and device data, Bernoulli automates EHR documentation requirements for your clinicians saving time and helps to prevent potential transcription errors. Our flexible and adaptable bedside connectivity solutions enable auto-discovery of devices which helps to simplify workflow and increase reliability in clinical settings; no need to connect specific devices into specific ports as with some other systems.

Bernoulli has a long history of successful integration with leading EHR systems including:

  • Allscripts
  • Cerner
  • Epic
  • McKesson
  • Meditech

New devices are constantly being introduced into the clinical workflow. When these new devices are introduced, fast integration to the EHR is essential. Bernoulli has developed an industry leading methodology for integrating new devices typically in a matter of weeks, not months.

Bernoulli MDI saves time in deployment, can help reduce recurring maintenance costs and can provide additional capabilities that deliver more than just seamless integration with the EHR.  For example, Bernoulli MDI can provide additional high-fidelity data feeds to other HIT systems, such as a Clinical Data Repository, and supports industry-standard HL7 and the IHE PCD-DEC, ACM and WCM profiles.  Data collected from devices can include:

  • Measurements
  • Waveforms
  • Alarms
  • Settings

Bernoulli MDI can also provide automated integration of GE patient monitoring/cardiac telemetry ECG rhythm reports including waveforms into the Epic EHR, eliminating the need for manual printing and scanning of ECG rhythm strips and dramatically improve clinical workflow. Reports can be scheduled for regular intervals such as change of shift, or sent to Epic on demand in response to a change in the patient condition as an additional enhancement to clinical workflows.

The Bernoulli Platform Workbench is a web-based console that provides status connectivity to devices at the patient bedside, communication to the servers, data delivery to the EHR and more.  Alerts can be configured to notify users of any outages or disconnects.

In addition, the Bernoulli solution is designed to manage itself in the event of network outages.  For example, the bedside serial client bridges require no intervention to re-establish connectivity to the Bernoulli system and resume data flow in the event connectivity between the bridges and the Bernoulli server is interrupted.

Bernoulli One provides not only a state of the art medical device integration solution, but also an enterprise platform that allows deploy real-time clinical surveillance solutions. This forms a pathway to use this information to positively impact real-time patient care in a single platform.

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