HSC case study - acheiving clinical clarity form ventilator overload

Achieving Clinical Clarity from Ventilator Overload Case Study

HSC’s Achieving Clinical Clarity from Ventilator Overload case study summary:

The Bernoulli One™ enabled HSC to achieve real-time surveillance of more than 100 patients on ventilation support and reduce the number of ventilator alarms by an estimated 80%, helping achieve compliance with The Joint Commission NPSG on alarm management. Bernoulli’s intuitive, intelligent software allows HSC’s team of RTs to provide continuous monitoring of vital patient information and intervene before a situation becomes critical, enhancing patient safety. The data collected is leveraged by Respiratory Care Services in reporting to the Performance Management Audit Committee, which monitors ventilator management performance, and also helps identify potential areas of need. The system also automates processes that were previously done manually, such as manual ventilator checks, which frees up the RT to focus more on the patient rather than the ventilator.

 To learn read this case study please click this link:  Bernoulli HSC Case Study pdf document.

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