Bernoulli Enterprise, Inc. Integrates Cybersecurity Framework

Bernoulli Enterprise, Inc. Integrates Cybersecurity Framework v. 1.1

Framework adoption prepares Bernoulli’s market-leading surveillance platform and corporate infrastructure to meet evolving cyber threats

Milford, CT—December 11, 2018—Bernoulli, a leader in real-time connected healthcare, is proactively integrating the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (v. 1.1) into the design of the company’s market-leading medical device integration and continuous surveillance platform Bernoulli One™, as well the company’s internal Information Technology (IT) systems.

“Enterprise risk management is top-of-mind for all hospital and health system leaders dealing with malicious threats to protected health information,” said Janet Dillione, Bernoulli CEO. “Integrating the Framework into our development lifecycle empowers our clients to proactively audit and safeguard patient and organizational data, as well as identify best practices to enhance security processes.”

The Framework was originally developed in 2014 for data-intensive industries deemed vital to national and economic security. Since then, the Framework’s risk-based approach has been widely and voluntarily adopted in both private and public sectors to help organizations assess data exposure risks, identify security gaps, and develop best practices that evolve with ongoing data-breach threats.

Integrating the Framework into Bernoulli One will allow hospitals and health systems to more readily identify and validate modifications to the platform and medical device security settings.  Moreover, it allows Bernoulli to assess and mitigate cybersecurity risks associated to malware, ransomware and other threats to ensure the protection and integrity of sensitive data.

The Framework has proved especially critical for compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule, which mandates the implementation of strong security safeguards to ensure the integrity of electronic protected health information (ePHI).

According to NIST, Framework v. 1.1 includes updates on:

  • Improve ability to identify, protect, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats and attacks
  • Authentication and identity;
  • Self-assessing cybersecurity risks;
  • Managing cybersecurity within supply chains; and
  • Vulnerability disclosure

There have been 229 healthcare data breaches in 2018 (through September) reporting to the US Department of Health & Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights, affecting 6 million people. Integrating Framework v. 1.1 into Bernoulli’s development lifecycle empowers clients to holistically manage security processes, safeguard patient and organizational data.

About Bernoulli Health

The mission of Bernoulli® Enterprise, Inc. is to improve patient safety in real time. Since 1989, Bernoulli has developed solutions including the all-inclusive Bernoulli One™ platform. A single solution for continuous patient health monitoring and clinical surveillance, medical device integration, and real-time data analytics, there are no other solutions as advanced as Bernoulli One. The Bernoulli software helps save patient lives as it continuously detects deteriorating patient conditions and notifies clinicians of potential events. This results in improved patient observation and provider workflows. Bernoulli has achieved FDA Class II clearance for use in both patient monitoring and secondary alarm management. Bernoulli headquarters are in Milford, CT. For more information visit, email, or call 800-337-9936.