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Bernoulli Smart Alarms & Surveillance: Applying Analytics in Real-Time Whitepaper

Research and independent findings suggest that improved surveillance and increased patient safety can be achieved through the use of continuous monitoring. Furthermore, monitoring of multiple parameters to assess their interrelationships is an important capability that Bernoulli brings through the Bernoulli One platform, as multiple independent measurements can be correlated and associated with user-defined clinically-significant criteria […]

Bernoulli One Real Time Data Analytics brochure

There are a few key things that separate Bernoulli One™ from any other system. Patient health monitoring and advanced clinical surveillance are among these things. Our far-reaching data collection ability and what we do with the data is another. We believe that data is knowledge  and knowledge is powerful. Like other medical device integrators, we can get […]

Bernoulli One Overview for IT Leaders brochure

Early detection of a deteriorating patient condition saves lives. Designed on this truth, Bernoulli One™ is the most advanced real-time clinical surveillance solution for hospitals. The Bernoulli One software enables clinicians to monitor patient vital signs and manage alarms from a centralized location or across a dispersed network. It also monitors device data. Connected medical devices […]