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Facilitating and Operationalizing Continuous Surveillance

Patient safety in the era of value-based care is increasingly defined as preventing adverse events before emergency interventions or costly escalations are required. However, most common monitoring practices are reactive, not proactive; meaning, interventions are often applied only after a patient has deteriorated.

Is technology endangering the ‘art of nursing’?

Digital technology has fundamentally transformed healthcare. Use cases abound of improved patient outcomes, lowered costs and the elimination of critical gaps in the care continuum. Advancements in tools that enable better collaboration, management and support have become essential for frontline clinical staff to deliver superior care.

Unleashing the EHR with Real-Time Data

Continuous clinical surveillance solutions that analyze real-time patient data can identify clinically relevant trends, sustained conditions, reoccurrences and combinatorial indications which tells a more complete story, especially when evaluated with EHR-stored data. In short, the analytics with the most data inputs are often the best analytics.