HSC case study - acheiving clinical clarity form ventilator overload

Alarm Management Software Boosts Nurse Response Time

HealthData Management article: How alarm management software boosts nurse response time

HealthData Management’s Joseph Goedert talked with The Hospital for Special Care’s respiratory practice manager, Connie Dills, on the benefits of alarm management software.

In the article Ms. Dills’ states that with the installation of Bernoulli One™ software The Hospital for Special Care’s  “response time is excellent,… When an actionable alarm goes off, the response time is within 10 to 20 seconds.”

“…Alerts are displayed at workstations, on laptops and pagers, on an LED board and via an audible overhead speaker. With the new software, the hospital has seen an 80 percent reduction in the number of alarms for which an immediate response is needed…”

To read the HealthData Management article,  “How alarm management software boosts nurse response time”, click here.

To read The Hospital for Special Care’s case study on Achieving Clinical Clarity from Ventilator Overload click here.

Inside the HSC case study the results show that:

  • Bernoulli One at HSC enabled real-time
    surveillance of more than 100 ventilated patients.
  • Using Bernoulli’s alarm management capabilities, HSC has reduced the number of ventilator alarms by an estimated 80%.
  • HSC is able to leverage the system to produce detailed reports after any alarm incident, as well as support research and benchmarking studies going forward.
  • Bernoulli allows HSC staff to automate manual processes, reducing the risk of transcription errors and giving clinicians more time for direct patient care.
  • HSC has achieved full compliance with the Joint
    Commission NPSG on alarm management, using the Bernoulli platform.

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