Bernoulli to Attend AAMI Foundation National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety

Bernoulli to Attend AAMI Foundation National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety

Bernoulli will take part in the AAMI Foundation’s National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety meeting July 20-21. Bernoulli CIO John Zaleski will be in attendance, as well as representatives from two of Bernoulli’s customers—the Connecticut-based Hospital for Special Care and New Jersey-based Virtua.

The goals of the meeting include determining the unmet needs in hospitals struggling to improve alarm management that the coalition should address, and what deliverables can be developed to fill those needs. In addition the coalition will continue to:

  • Build a common taxonomy around alarm signals and alarm conditions that industry, clinicians, and nursing orgs agree to adopt so all may communicate more effectively about alarms.
  • Build and populate a cloud-based database to generate improved algorithms for alarms and smart alarms.
  • Build national database to collect device alarm parameters contributed to the database by the participating hospitals.
  • Develop new tools and resources for improving alarm notification to reduce alarm fatigue.

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Bernoulli nominated for The Health 2.0 Tech Award

health 2.0 Tech Company award

This year Bernoulli has been nominated for The Health 2.0 10-Year Global Retrospective Awards, under the category of Tech Company.

This is a great honor and opportunity for Bernoulli.

The announcement of the winners of the Retrospective Awards – Tech Companies will be on September 27th. The voting ends on July 31, so please vote as soon as possible.  To vote for Bernoulli for this award please complete the short voting form at this link.

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This years fall conference, September 25-28 is in Santa Clara. The keynote speakers include Harvey Fineberg, President of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and Karen DeSalvo, Head of ONC.