Managing Ventilator Alarms and Data


Alarm management is constantly  evolving to meet the the needs of the hospital patients and clinical staff alike.

Using Bernoulli One™, the Hospital for Special Care (HSC) has empowered their clinical staff with real-time surveillance capabilities for more than 100 patients on ventilation support and has reduced the total number of ventilator alarms by an estimated 80%, helping achieve compliance with both Phase I and II of the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal on clinical alarm management, as well as the four associated Elements of Performance (EPs).

Jeanne and Connie’s byline on ventilator alarm reduction, based on our HSC case study, was just published in Advance Healthcare Network for Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine.

Learn more of how HSC reduced non-actionable ventilator alarms on 100+ ventilators by 80 percent!


See the Managing Ventilator Alarms and Data: Hospital reduces non-actionable alarms while collecting actionable patient data from more than 100 ventilators.”

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Zaleski to Discuss Barriers to Interoperable Connected Health at IEEE

John Zaleski to be on panel at  IEEE CHASE 2016 Conference on Connected Health : Applications, Systems, and Engineering Technologies

Bernoulli CIO John Zaleski, PhD, CAP, CPHIMS, will be participating in a panel discussion during the IEEE Chase 2016 Conference on Connected Health, Wednesday June 29, in Arlington, VA. The panel—the Role of Standards: Tackling the Barriers to Adoption of Interoperable Connected Healthcare—brings together professionals to discuss their perspectives on gaps and barriers to the adoption and diffusion of the rapidly changing connected health landscape, and the role of standards for solutions in facilitating health information interoperability and portability.

The industry is challenged to become more connected, effective, and accessible, and always to maximize healthcare resources.

IEEE CHASE 2016 is a leading international conference in the field of connected health. It aims at bringing together researchers worldwide working in the smart and connected health area to exchange innovative ideas and develop collaborations. Learn more here.

The goal of the IEEE CHASE 2016 Conference workshop is to bring together professionals to discuss their perspectives on gaps and barriers to the adoption and diffusion of this rapidly changing Connected Health landscape, and the role of standards for solutions in facilitating health information interoperability and portability.

Location and Time
Hyatt Arlington
1325 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22209

Date: Wednesday June 29, 2016
Time: 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Successful Medical Device Integration Solution Go-Live at Denver Health

Bernoulli Announces Successful Medical Device Integration Solution Go-Live at Denver Health

Connectivity to impact more than 200 beds in the OR and critical care areas

Milford, CT—June 21, 2016—Bernoulli, a leader in real-time connected healthcare, announced the successful go-live of medical device integration and connectivity at Colorado-based Denver Health, a comprehensive, integrated healthcare organization that serves more than a quarter of the city’s population.


Bernoulli implemented its proven Nuvon VEGA architecture to bring medical device connectivity to key departments within the hospital, such as the OR, areas that use anesthesia, like labor and delivery, and critical care areas, including the ICU, neonatal ICU and the pediatric ICU—totaling more than 200 patient beds.


Six devices types were integrated with VEGA, including ventilators, physiological monitors and anesthesia machines.


“Bernoulli is proud that we were able to deliver on-time comprehensive device connectivity to these critical departments,” said Jonathan Krieger, Bernoulli Director of Project Implementation. “Bernoulli’s ability to deliver on its promise of accurate, real-time patient data, anytime, anywhere, means that Denver Health now has a complete and holistic integration solution to improve patient quality and outcomes.”


Achieving medical device connectivity is a major initiative for many hospitals and health systems seeking to improve patient care and foster real-time clinical decision-making. For clinicians to make the best patient care decisions, hospitals must ensure that their EHRs and clinical decision systems contain meaningful and accurate data from the myriad of devices that monitor and provide therapy to patients.


In addition to having ready access to this real-time, synchronized patient data, clinicians must also be able to access this information at all times and at any location. Bernoulli’s VEGA solution offers the lowest overall cost of ownership, with a single system management controller that does not require expensive add-ons, easy plug-and-play connectivity, the highest level of patient data security and privacy, integrated clinical mobility and positive patient association.


“Denver Health is committed to the highest quality patient care and patient safety,” said Damon Tobias, Application Engineer at Denver Health. “We needed a fully integrated, seamless, system-wide platform with comprehensive device connectivity to monitor, manage, acquire, and log data from any device source and Bernoulli was able to meet our needs.”


About Bernoulli

Based in Milford, CT, Bernoulli is a leader in real-time connected healthcare, with more than 1,200 installed, operational systems. Bernoulli One, the company’s flagship platform, is the market’s only real-time, end-to-end, connected healthcare platform that combines comprehensive and vendor-agnostic medical device integration with powerful middleware, clinical surveillance, telemedicine/virtual ICU, advanced alarm management, predictive analytics and robust distribution capabilities into ONE solution. Bernoulli One™ empowers clinicians with tools to drive better outcomes, improve the patient experience, and enhance provider workflow. In December 2015, Cardiopulmonary Corp. merged with Nuvon, a leader in medical device connectivity and integration, creating Bernoulli. For more information about Bernoulli One™ or to view our case studies, visit


Media contact:

Matt Schlossberg
Amendola Communications for Bernoulli

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Bernoulli Presented with AAMI Patient Safety Sponsorship Award

Bernoulli was presented with the Patient Safety Sponsorship Award at the AAMI Annual Conference Awards Ceremony in Tampa, FL.

Bernoulli Presented with AAMI Patient Safety Sponsorship Award

From L-R: Mary Logan, President AAMI; Marilyn Flack, Exec Director, AAMI Foundation;
John Zaleski, Executive Vice President and CIO, Bernoulli; and Phil Cogdill, Chair, AAMI Foundation Board of Directors.

“Bernoulli’s level of partnership and involvement in working with the foundation and its stakeholders demonstrates its commitment to improving patient safety,” said Marilyn Flack, Executive Director of the AAMI Foundation. “I am very grateful to the Bernoulli team for their help in working to prevent patients on opioids from experiencing poor outcomes due to undetected opioid-induced respiratory depression and for their help in working to reduce non-actionable clinical alarms.”

Bernoulli is a premiere partner with the AAMI Foundation and works closely with the foundation and its stakeholders on two important patient safety initiatives: National Coalition for Alarm Management Safety; and the National Coalition to Promote Continuous Monitoring of Patients on Opioids.

Alarm management and continuous monitoring for patients on opioids are two of the top patient safety priorities in healthcare today. Bernoulli supports hospitals and health systems in their efforts to achieve full compliance with the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal on clinical alarm safety and also enables continuous, real-time surveillance of patients connected to virtually any medical device.